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    Calculating yield from the mononitration of bromobenzene

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    The o:p ratio in the mononitration of bromobenzene has been reported to be 38:62. Use this ratio and the amount of 4-bromonitrobenzene actually isolated to estimate the experimental yield of mononitration in the reaction. What errors are there in using this method to calculate the extent of mononitration? The actual isolated amount is 14 mg.

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    Hi there,

    To work out yields:

    You start with 0.5 mL bromobenzene - this has a density of 1.495, so 0.5 x 1.495 = 0.748 gram bromobenzene.

    0.748/157 (MW) = 0.00476 moles of bromobenzene,

    since in the reaction 1 mole of product gives 1 mole of product.

    100% yield ...

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    This solution discusses errors that can be made when calculating the yield from the mononitration of bromobenzene.