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    Boiling Point Elevation

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    I'm doing boiling point elevation and the formula is:
    deltaT_b = k_b * m * i
    (k_b = 0.52 degrees C/m for water)

    I don't know how to use this calculation with this problem: Calculate the boiling point of an aqueous solution containing 3.8% by mass of NaCl. Do I take 3.8% of NaCl's mass of 58.44g? How do I set up the equation?

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    Boiling point elevation- the difference between the boiling points of the pure solvent and a non-electrolyte solution in that solvent, and is directly proportional to the molal solution.

    Delta b = K_b * m

    Step 1: Figure out ...

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    The solution shows step-by-step instructions on how to set up an equation for, and calculate the boiling point of of an aqueous solution.