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The alcohol content of hard liquor is normally given in terms of the "proof", which is defined as twice the percentage by volume of ethanol (C2H5OH) present. Calculate the number of grams of alcohol present in 1.00 L of 51 proof gin. The density of ethanol is 0.798 g/mol. (solution in grams, please)

Arginine vasopressin is a pituitary hormone. It helps regulate the amount of water in the blood by reducing the flow of urine from the kidneys. An aqueous solution containing 21.6 mg of vasopressin in 100.0 mL of solution has an osmotic pressure at 25 degrees Celsius of 3.70 mmHg. What is the molecular weight of the hormone? (solution in amu, please)

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First part: Note you have given the wrong unit of density of ethanol, it should be 0.798 g/ml (that is per mililitre)
Since proof =2*(%v/v/)
So the % by volume of ...

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