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Lewis structures and polarity of molecules

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Draw the Lewis dot structure for the following molecules. Use VSEPR theory to predict three-dimensional structure. Then predict whether the molecule is polar or non polar.

Sulfur dichloride

Silicon tetrabromide

Oxygen difluoride

Nitrite ion

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The solution provides the prediction of three dimensional structures as well as the polarity of four different molecules.

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Draw the Lewis structure.

Perform steps a-d for the molecules described below in (e):

a.) Draw the Lewis structure.
b.) Count and give the number of regions of high electron density that exist around the central atom.
c.) Identify the most stable arrangement of the regions of high electron density.
d.) Diagram and name the type of structure that the molecules has based on positions of the atoms.
e.) CH3- ; SO3; SF6 ; ClF3; SF4; ICl4; XeF4;I3-; and NO2-

Predict the polar or non-polar characteristics of the molecules listed in 1-e.

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