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13C NMR spectral data

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I need help with matching the spectral data to the correct structures. Please see attachment.

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It matches the spectral data to the correct structures

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Hydroformylation Zeroing Results

Sir, I have located the articles and maybe one more. I am having trouble zeroing in on the right answer for the questions and format (like should I put it in a table) since formatting/clarity is graded.

Also, how do I go about finding the articles. When I queried on the [Rh(PPh3)3(H)(CO)] or hydroformylation or whatever, I got like thousands of results.

1. (7 pts) Hydroformylation, also known as the Oxo reaction, is a very important industrial process and has been practiced for many years. Initially cobalt catalysts were employed but these are limited in a number of ways including low regioselectivity for the more economically important linear product. Rhodium based processes have been developed that give much greater linear to branched product ratios and for which hydrogenation (of the aldehyde products) is not a significant side reaction.

a) Locate the following for [Rh(PPh3)3(H)(CO)]
i. infrared frequencies for CO and Rh-H stretches

1921 and 694 cm−1

ii. 1H (hydride resonance only), 31P and 13C (carbonyl resonance only) chemical and
coupling constant information (JRhH, JPH, hhc, Jpc); indicate the solvent, reference and field strength of the measurements.

Tabulation of data and reference to paper(s) reporting these data required.

Sudheesh, N.; Sharma, S.K.; Shukla, R. S..; Jasra, R.V. J. Mol. Catal. A: Chem.. 2008, 296, 61-70.

Evans, D,; Yagupsky, G.; Wilkinson, G. J. Chem. Soc. A, 1968, 0, 2660-2665.

b) Who obtained the first patent in which Rh(PPh3)3(CO)H is explicitly mentioned as a catalyst or catalyst precursor?

Geoffrey Wilkinson

c) What is the patent number, date of issue and the company to which the patent was assigned?

Patent Number: NL 6911827
Date of Issue: Feb 4, 1970
Company: Johnson, Matthey and Co. Ltd.

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