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    Stoichiometry and Multiplying Electrons

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    Complete and balance the following reaction:
    As(s)+ClO3^-(aq) (right arrow) H3AsO3(aq)+HCLO (aq)

    I have the following options:
    -split into 1/2 reactions
    -balance all but H and O
    -balance O by adding H20
    -balance H+ by adding protons
    -balance charge by adding electrons

    I am stuck, after adding equations to get electrons to cancel each other out, in what you need to multiply by these numbers with. This is where I have ended.

    As+3H20+3e^- (right arrow) H3AsO3+3H+
    CLO3^- +5H+ (right arrow) HCLO+2H2O+5e^-

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    Generally, you're putting your electrons on the wrong side of the equation. They should be on the same side as the hydrogen ions, so as to balance the charges. Notice this first half-reaction is completely balanced. Each chemical is ...

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    This solution addresses how to balance a specific chemical reaction. This is achieved by balancing all the electrons within the equation and summing them all up, after excess species are taken out.