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    Aqueous solution of zinc

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    Lab Data:
    Combined 0.25g Zinc plus 15mL of 6 moles HCl resulted in: 150mL flask
    14.92mL of liquid vol.
    135.08 mL of gas vol.

    Chemicals inside:
    O2 moles 0.001120 vol 135.08mL
    N2 moles 0.004478 vol 135.08mL.

    1. In addition to the gas produced, an aqueous solution of zinc chloride is also produced. Write the formula for this compound.

    2. Write a balanced chemical equation for this single displacement reaction. Identify which chemical is replaced and which replaces it.

    3. If you could open the piston slightly and place a burning splint into it, you would hear a "pop." What gas would do this? Does this make sense according to the balanced equation for the reaction?

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    1. ZnCl2(s)
    Because Zn gets oxidized from Zn → Zn2+ + 2 e-
    and hydrogen ...

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