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Polystyrene and Butene

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1. POYSTYRENE: The monomer structure of polystyrene is shown attached.
a) Would you expect polystyrene to be a stiff or a pliable polymer?
b) What kind of synthesis is used in the production of polystyrene from styrene monomers? Addition polymerization, condensation polymerizaton or anionic polymerization?
c) Calculate the degree of polymerization n of polystyrene with a molecular weight of 3.091 x 10^6 g/mol.

2. BUTENE: Butene H2C=CH-CH2-CH3 can be reacted to form isotactic polybutene (PB).
a) Would you expect isotactic polybutene to melt at a higher or lower temperature than atactic polybutene f the same molecular weight?
b) Is isotatic polybutene a thermoplastic or thermoset?
c) What is the value of the degree of polymerization n of isotactic PB with a molecular weigh of 3.091x10^5 g/mol?

3. CHIRALITY: One chirality of CH3CHClCOOH is show attached. Identify the images that exhibit the opposite chirality.

4. GLASS TRANSITION AND MECHANICAL PROPERTIES: Describe how the mechanical properties of a purely amorphous cross-linked polymer above its glass transition temperature differ from the mechanical properties of a purely amorphous cross-linked polymer below its glass transition temperature. Consider properties such as Young's modulus and as well as whether you would expect the polymer to undergo plastic flow or brittle fracture.

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The expert examines the monomer structures of polystyrene and butene. The degree of polymerization n of polystyrene with a molecular weight is determined.

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1. A. Stiff B. Addition C. 3091000/104.15 = 29678

2. a. Higher T b. Thermoplastic c. 5520 (309100 / 56)

3. Molecule is S. Opposite chirality R is top right and ...

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