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Physical Chemistry - Unit Conversions

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Question 1:
A sheet of aluminum foil has a total area of 1.000 ft^2 and a mass of 3.626g. What is the thickness of the foil in millimeters (density of AL = 2.699 g/cm^3)?

Question 2:
In water conservation, chemistrs spread a thin film of certain inert materials over the surface of water to cut down on the rate of evaporation of water in reservoirs. It was found that 0.10 mL of oil could spread over the surface of water about 33.0 m^2 in area. Assuming that oil forms a monolayer, estimate the length of each molecule in nanometers. Assume that oil molecules are roughly cubic.

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(1) Volume of the foil = mass/density = 3.626 g/2.699 g/cc = 1.3435 cc

Area = 1 ft^2 = 1 ft * 1 ft = 30.48 cm * 30.48 cm = 929.03 cm^2

Thickness of the foil ...

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