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    Molecular Formula From Percent Composition and Molar Mass

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    What is the molecular formula of a compund that contains 42.87%carbon, 3.598% hydrogen, 25.00% nitrogen, and 28.55% oxygen and has a molar mass between 2010 and 2020 AMU?

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    These can be tough questions, but we have quite a bit of information here. The percentages do not specify, but I will assume they are percent by mass. What we do is take the molar mass of 2015 amu (we can figure out the finer detail of that later) and multiply the percentages to find masses of each of the elements listed.

    eg. For Carbon 0.4287 x 2015 amu = 864 amu
    Hydrogen.......................... = ...

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    The expert examines the molecular formula from percent composition and molar masses. Detailed step by step solution with explanation.