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Freeing point depression

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The purpose of lab this week is to do "comfirmatory experiments" that further explore the properties of your unknown compound and confirm that it reacts appropriately for the compound you predicted it to be at the end of lab last week.

1. Suppose your unknown is sodium acetate. When a solution of calcium chloride is added to your unknown what will happen?

A. A white precipitate of sodium chloride forms

B. No precipitate forms

C. Gaseous HCl bubbles out

D. A white precipitate of calcium chloride forms

2. If you choose to measure the freezing point of a solution of your compound, what would be the objective of the experiment?

A. To measure the freezing point of the solution

B. To determine the density of the unknown

C. To determine the freezing point of the unknown

D. To determine the molar mass of the unknown

3. Which experiment is not possible to do this week in lab?

A. Reaction prediction tests

B. X-ray diffraction

C. Solubility tests

D. Freezing point depression

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