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    Concentration of Pb2+ in 0.0010M KI Saturated with Pbl2

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    Find the concentration of Pb2+ in 0.0010M KI saturated with Pbl_2. Include activity coefficients in your solubility-product expression. The K_sp of Pbl_2 os 9.8 x 10^-9.
    [Pb^2+] = _________M

    Hint from the program:
    K_sp=[Pb^(2+)] γ_(Pb^(2+))[I^-]^2 γ^2_(I^-)
    Assume that [I-] = 0.0010 M. The ionic strength of 0.0010 M KI can be calculated, then used to find the activity coefficients from a table.

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