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    Calculating Ksp

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    1. Calculate the Ksp of a saturated solution if it contains 0.0001 M Pb2+.

    2. CH2ClCooH(aq) --(Forward/Reverse reaction)--H+ (aq) + CH2ClCOO- (aq)

    Calculate the value of Ka(acid) if a 0.1 M solution of CH2ClCOOH has a pH of 2.
    (a.) given pH, what is the [H+]?
    (b.) given [H+], what is [CH2ClCOO-]?
    (c.) What is the value of Ka?

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    To answer these two questions, you need to identify the types first. Your first question is a relatively simple Ksp problem (although you have left out the anion in the complex), and your second question is a weak acid problem.

    Question 1:
    Assuming the Pb2+ came ...

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    The solution is given step-by-step equationally with some short explanations to calculate Ksp.