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    Compounds to prepare buffers

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    Prepare 1.00L of a pH~12 buffer with a total phosphate concentration of 0.050 M.You have at your disposal the following compounds
    H3PO4 Ka=7.11*10^-3 FW=97.9950
    NaH2PO4 Ka=6.34 * 10^-8 Fw=119.9769
    Na2HPO4= ka=4.22*10^-13 fw=141.9588
    Na3PO4 Fw=163.9407

    Which two compounds would you use to prepare a buffer of ph~12 and how many grams of each of the two selected compounds would you need

    A 0.020 F solution of succinic acid (pKa=4.20, pKa2=5.64) is buffered at pH 5. what fraction of the succinic acid is present as the amphiprotic form at this pH
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