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    Calorimeters and heat capacity

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    If 2.500 g of Mg is burned in a constant volume calorimeter with a heat capacity of 1.10 kJ/degrees Celsius containing 1.500 L of water at 23.50 degrees Celsius and releases 37.33 kJ of heat, what is the final temperature of the calorimeter and water?
    Please show your work and solve. Thank you.

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    We know that heat gained = heat lost and so
    q(mg burned)=q(calorimeter) + q (water)
    q mg released is 37.33 KJ.

    So we can then say that -37.33KJ = mcDT(H2O) + mcDT(calorimeter) note that DT is delta temperature)
    We have the volume of the water, which ...

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    This solution describes how to find temperature using mass and heat capacity.