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Balancing a number of equations

Balance the following equations:

a. S(2)O(3)^2- (aq)+I(3)^- (aq) ->S(4)O(6)^2- (aq) + I^- (aq)
b. Mn^2+(aq) + HBiO(3) (s) ->MnO(4)^- (aq) + Bio^+ (aq) (acid)
c. Cr(2)O(7)^2- (aq) + H(3)AsO(3) -> H(3)AsO(4) (aq) + Cr^3+ (aq) (acid)
d. CIO^1(aq) + Cro(2)^- (aq) ->Cl^- (aq) + CrO(4)^2- (aq) (Basic)
e. Obr^- (aq) +HPO(3)^2- (aq) ->Br^- (aq) + PO(4)^3- (aq) (Basic)

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