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pH at 25 degrees Celsius

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A hydrogen electrode (PH2 = 1.00 atm), a salt bridge, and a calomel electrode (E=0.280 V) are used to determine the pH of a solution. If the combination (i.e. a solution, the hydrogen electrode and the calomel electrode) gives a voltage of 0.790 V, what is the pH of the solution at 25 degrees Celsius?

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The potential of hydrogen electrode in contact with a solution of H+ ions involving the reaction is given by

H+ + e-↔1/2 H2(1atm)

Potential of this electrode is given by Nernst equation

Eel=E0el + 2.303RT/Flog[ H+]/[H2] since PH2 = 1 ...

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This solution finds the pH of a solution at 25 degrees with a voltage of 0.790 V.