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Missing materials

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Supply the missing starting materials, reagents or products


I think that this one is a Diels-Alder Reaction

I am pretty sure that this one is a substitution I just don't know what the reagents would be.

I have no clue what this might be.

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Communications, Order Entry, Materials and Inventor

What you expect to find when you arrived in Oregon. Here is some more information you have obtained from management:

Facilities P and T both claim that parts from the S facility sometimes do not arrive on time, causing costly production shut-downs which periodically lead to missed contractual ship dates.
The S facility has records that those same parts were loaded onto trailers and that the semi-trailers left on time.
Facility S habitually runs out of the "accessory" parts which are shipped from the T and P facilities.
There have been recent instances where over seven shifts of production from a single molding machine have been defective due to a malfunctioning mold.
Similar quality problems have occurred when the wrong plastic resins have been used for some molded parts.
Work-in-process (WIP) within the stamping department is sometimes misplaced or lost, disrupting downstream manufacturing processes and leading to missed shipments to the T and P facilities.
Upon arriving on site and interviewing the production and inventory planning staffs at all three facilities, you hear the following:

Facility S claims that there have been instances where they have been over one day ahead of their shipping schedule for specific parts, and that the T and P facilities were still claiming they were out of that part. Then, the "missing" parts were located in a still loaded semi-trailer in the yard adjacent to the P and T facilities.
The production and inventory planning staff at the T and P facilities claim to be shipping the "accessory" parts to the S facility on a JIT (Just in Time) basis and that their shipments should be adequate to support the S facility's requirements on a level production plan.
The small quality control group at the S facility point out that they do not have the equipment or training to perform quality checks to the same level that facilities P and T are able to perform.
Due to recent economic conditions, only a single supervisor is available in the stamping department and in the molding department during midnight shifts and on weekends.
Individual Portion:

Summarize findings and recommendations on the topics of:

Materials and inventory
Order entry
Supervision at the plants
General production flow

Summarize your findings and recommendations into a report, including a final summary at the end.

Group Portion:

Post your report to the Small Group Discussion Board. Review each members' report. Come to a group consensus on the findings and recommendations.

Summarize your individual findings and recommendations into a group report. This is your final summary discussing all of the elements from the individual portions. It should be a summary tying everything together with a group consensus.

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