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    3. Give the products result from the hydroboration-oxidation of the following alkenes
    (a) 3,3-Dimethyl-1-butene
    (b) Mathylenecyclohexane

    4. Starting with needed alkanes, alkenes and inorganic regrets, devise syntheses for the following compounds. Yout method should produce each compound in good yield and free of isomers.
    (a) 1-Butanol
    (b) 2-Methyl-1-propanol

    5. One method for introducing deuterium into an organic compound involved dydroration using deuterated dioborane (BD) follows by the treatments with acid water. WHat manodeuteratedproduct is formed from follow alkenes if this method is used
    (a) 1-Methylcycolohexene
    (b) CH_3)_2C=CHCH_3.

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    See the sheet. Usually the way to oxidize Borane is to use base conditions. I'm not aware of acid hydrolysis of Boranes ...

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    A number of reactions including hydroboration-oxidation and deuteration is covered for a number of alkenes.