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Chemical Composition and Solubility of Manganese

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I have aquired several hundred pounds of manganese green sand and want to know if it is useable as a micronutrient source for plants and under what pH range. I have abd in mechanistic Organic Chem. MS and MS in Horticulture.

NOTE: Originally posted in Chemistry - moved to Biology. Admin.

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The expert analyzes the chemical composition and solubility of Manganese. The micronutrient source for plants under the pH range are given.

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<br>Thank you for your question regarding the use of manganese green sand as a micronutrient.
<br>I believe that the green sand you are referring to is often used in water filtration systems. The chemical reaction results in removal of dissolved iron by binding it to oxygen, creating ferric hydroxide. Manganese is also removed to a lesser degree.
<br>From my experience ...

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