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    Organic Chemistry and E and Z

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    2. Develop a four point argument to predict whether O or N is thermodynamically more basic in the following structure (See attachment for structural formula)

    3. Predict whether the E or Z will be produced by E2 elimination for the following structure (1-bromo-1,2 -diphenylpropane). Use wedge and dashed line of Newman or sawhorse representations to unambiguously show the stereochemistry. (See attachment).

    What tells you the mechanism should be E2 not E1?
    What is the R, S assignment for C#1 and C#2? Briefly show you work.
    (See attachment).

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    Answer 2:
    Acetamide is a compound with the amide linkage -CONH2.In this compound there are four atoms C,H ,N and O. The four point argument is as follows:
    1. O lies in the sixth group of the periodic table and N in the 5th group so it is more electronegative .
    2. O in this compound has two lone pairs of electrons while N has one pair of ...

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    This solution contains annotated diagrams for structure understanding and complete explanations for a four point argument to predict thermodynamics, predict E or Z in an E2 elimination, and determines the mechanism.