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    Orbital Diagrams: Example Problems

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    I am having major difficulty understanding the whole orbital shell thing (electron configuration) where does the 1, where do the p's d's s's and why are they numbered a 2 3 4? .. I have read and asked questions to my teacher and I just don't understand it especially how would and orbital diagram be drawn for these elements. I need a breakdown on how you get the answer not just the answer. the

    How do you write orbital diagrams in an a (arrow diagrams) for the following

    Elements: 26Fe, 34Se, 36Kr I d

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    Please download attached JPEG files for the orbital diagrams of the given elements.

    Additional Notes:
    The integers 1, 2, 3, 4... refer to the periods in the periodic table. They also correspond to the energy shell/level of a ...

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