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    Determining the number and location of angular and radial nodes

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    2. For each of the following orbitals, provide a perspective sketch of the orbital in the Cartesian x, y, z coordinate system. Determine the number of angular nodes and the number of radial nodes in the orbital, and describe where those nodes fall. For instance, the 2px orbital has an angular node in the yz-plane.

    a) 1s
    b) 3pz
    c) 3dz2
    d) 3dxy

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    The number of radial nodes = n - l - 1

    s: no angular node
    p: one angular node
    d: two angular nodes
    f: ...

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    Four orbital sketches are provided in this solution, along with information on where each angular and radial node falls, as well as the amount of both angular and radial nodes.