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    Please write equations for the following:

    A. Ionization of the strong acid, HBr in water

    B. Ionization of the weak acid, HNO2 in water.

    C. Reaction of the weak base (CH3)2NH with water.

    D. Reaction of the acid, HNO3 with CaCO3 solid.

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    Ok when an acid reacts with water it produces H3O+ (H3O+ is sometimes just written as H+) and an anion (negatively charged ion)
    I will use B as an example and leave A to you.

    B. HNO2(s) + H20(l) --> H3O+(aq) + NO2-(aq)

    The letters in brackets are the states, ...

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    It shows how to write the balanced equations for the given ionizations.