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    Determining products when given reactants

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    There are two beakers each with distilled water. One has trihydrogen borate + potassium hydroxide (H3BO3 + KOH) and the other has trihydrogen borate + sodium hydroxide (H3BO3 + NaOH).

    What are the products that are formed after the solutions are heated and placed in an ice water bath?

    Hint: There will be a precipitate.

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    Boric acid is not very soluble which means that it won't dissolve well without heating. When you heat the solutions all the molecules break up into their ions. So the H3BO3 breaks up into 3 hydrogen ions and (H+) and one borate ion (BO3-). The NaOH also breaks up into the sodium ion (Na+) ...

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    The solution briefly explains the properties of the reactants. It also describes he best way to find out if a reaction might occur and breaks up the molecules into ions to help predict the answer.