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    Determining potential and writing an equilibrium constant expression

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    When VO2+ reacts with Ti2+ in acid solution the products are V2+ and TiO2+.
    a) What is the potential of the cell Pt/VO2+, V2+//TiO2+, Ti2+/Pt if all species are a 1 M.
    b) Write the equilibrium constant expression and calculate the value of the equilibrium constant.

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    The reaction can be written as:

    VO2+ + Ti2+ ---> V2+ + TiO2+

    For part a) we need to re-write the given half-reactions so that when added together we get the given reaction. Once we have written these, we can combine them and their individual potentials to determine the potential of the cell. This is explained in greater ...

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    This solution provides in 684 words a step-by-step explanation using reaction equations to find potential in a reaction and the equilibrium constant of a reaction. The solution is attached in a .doc file.