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Explanation for combustion liquid and sulfuric acid on limes

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Question 1:
Concetrated acedic acid is a Class II combustible liquid. What is the molecular weight of acetic acid that will form 2 moles of CO2 assuming complete combustion?
a. 60
b. 75
c. 88
d. 120

Question 2:
When sulfuric acid is a component of polluted air, it chemically attacks statues, memorials and monuments made from limestone. Given that the most common mineral in limestone is calcium carbonate, describe how these limestone objects are corroded by the sulfuric acid in polluted air. What chemical reaction is involved here?

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The solution provides detailed explanation about combustion liquid and effects of sulfuric acid on limestone.

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Question 1: The formula for acetic acid is CH3COOH. Therefore, the molecular weight is 60. (a) is the right choice.

Question 2:
Sulfur dioxide is the leading sources for sulfuric acid in the air pollution. There are many industrial processes that lead to generation of sulfur dioxide, such as combustion of sulfur containing fuels or sulfurous chemicals as are in the firework, the combustion of H2S in flares, paper ...

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