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Relationships between wavelength, frequency, and energy of light.

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A certain colour of light has a wavelength of 550 nm. What is the energy possessed by a photon of such light?
(a) 2.42 x 10E-19
(b) 5.45 x 10E14 J
(c) 3.61 x 10E-14 J
(d) 3.61 x 10E-19 J
(e) 5.37 x 10E-19 J

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(d) 3.61 x 10E-19 J

To solve this problem, you will use (1) Planck's equation: E=hv, where h=Planck's constant (6.63 x 10E-34 J s), E is the energy, and v is the ...

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The relationships between wavelength, frequency and energy of light is determined.

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Relationships between wavelength, frequency, and energy of light

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