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    Calculating frequency of light, wavelength

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    Calculate the frequency, in units of "per second", of light with a wavelength of (a) 540 nm, and (b) 650 nm.

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    For light of known wavelength, you would use the following equation to calculate the frequency:


    c=speed of light (3.00x10E8m/s), (note: this is a constant; you MAY be asked to memorize it--check with your instructor)
    L=wavelength (often written as the greek letter 'lambda' instead of 'L'), and ...

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    The solution contains a step by step calculation of the frequency of light for part (a) of the problem, including an important exam hint for this type of question. The way this problem is worded, there is one "catch" that students often forget to take into consideration in their solutions to problems of this type.

    For part (b) of the problem, the step by step calculation has deliberately been omitted. Instead, the numerical answer is shown, to encourage students to work through the problem on their own, thereby maximizing learning from this problem / solution combination.