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Identifying chemicals by observing physical/chemical behavior

Questions 9 - 11:

a) COsub3^2-
b) MnOsub4^-
c) NHsub4^+
d) Ba^2+
e) Al^3+

Assume that you have several unknowns each consisting of an aqueous solution of a salt that contains one of the ions listed above, which ion must be present if the following observations are made of that unknown?

9) the solution is colored.

Ans A, B, C, D or E

10) An odar can be detected when a sample of solution is added drop by drop to a warm solution of sodium hydroxide.

Ans A, B, C, D or E

11) a precipitate is formed when a dilute solution of Hsub2SOsub4 is added to a sample of the solution.

Ans A, B, C, D or E

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9) the solution is colored Ans. b) MnOsub4^-
<br>example KMnO4 Potassium permanganate
<br>10) An odar can ...

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