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    Discussion of interactive/repulsive forces

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    A nonelectrolyte solution adsorbs on an electrically neutral solid through a liquid. Two surfaces of this type are brought close to one another in the liquid such that they interact. Will they attract or repel one another? Which equations bear this out? How does the separation distance between the two solids come into play here? How does the interfacial tension at the solid-liquid interfaces affect this? Does the interfacial tension of the solid-liquid interface change as the surfaces are brought closer to one another?

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    If two surfaces of effective radii of surfaces R and area A (=pi*R^2) are brought close to one another 2r distance apart in a liquid of surface tension T (N/m), will experience a force F given by:

    F = A*T*((1/r) - (1/R)) ....(1)
    +ve F ...

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    This solution explains interaction between solids through examining force equations and using an attached .jpg image to enhance understanding.