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Determining the equation of a reaction

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If 7.85 x 10 to the 24th power Sc atoms react with excess CaO, how many grams of each product will form? You will need to determine the equation of the reaction. Please show steps to solve the problem. Thank you.

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3CaO + 2Sc = Sc2O3 + 3 Ca
7.85 * 10^(24) Sc == 7.85 * 10^(24)/(Avogadro number) moles of Sc
= 7.85 * 10^(24)/(6.023*10^(23)) moles of Sc
= 13.03 ...

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This solution provides step-by-step solutions for finding grams of a product as well as the equation for the reaction.

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Determining net ionic equation of a reaction

HINT: Aqueous ionic compounds exist as ions in solution. Start by writing the reactants as individual aqueous ions. Then use the solubility rules (https://sites.google.com/site/chempendix/solubility-chart) to identify any precipitates. Be sure to include phases and charges as necessary in your answer!

Start by writing the reactants as individual aqueous ions.

Ag^+ (aq)+NO^- 3(aq)+Ba^2+(aq)+OH^-(aq)
^ This three is a sub 3.

It is acceptable to ignore coefficients for now, then balance at the very end. Next, check the solubilities (https://sites.google.com/site/chempendix/solubility-chart) of silver hydroxide and barium nitrate. Soluble products should be written as individual aqueous ions. Insoluble products should be written as solid compounds. Finally, cancel out species that appear on both sides of the equation.

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