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Pressure of Gas

A sample of gas occupies 135 mL at 22.5 C; the pressure is 165 mm Hg. What is the pressure of the gas sample when it is placed in a 252-mL flask at a temperature of 0.0 C?

pressure of gas sample___________________ mmHg

Ethane, C2H6, burns in air according to the equation

2C2H6(g) 7 O2(g)---->4CO2(g) + 6H2O(g)

What volume of O2 (in L) is required for complete reaction with 5.2L of C2H6? What volume of H2O vapor
(in L) is produced? Assume all gases are measured at the same temperature and pressure?

volume of O2____________________L

volume of H2O vapor_______________L

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