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find the compound formula based on the molecular mass

Please show all work, I think all the conversions are messing me up, thanks

A 255 mL round bottom flask is weighted and found to have a mass of 114.85g. A few milliliters of an easily vaporized liquid are added to the flask and the flask is immersed in a boiling water bath. All of the liquid vaporizes at the boiling point of water, filling the flask with vapor at 101,325 Pa. When all the liquid has vaporized, the flask is removed from the bath and cooled, dried and reweighed. The new mass of the flask and condensed vapor is 115.23 g. Which of the following compounds could the liquid be?


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The solution explains how to find the moles of the gas based on the ideal gas law. It also shows the step-by-step explanations of finding the compound formula based on the molecular mass.