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    Lowest-Energy Spectroscopic Terms

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    Show what electronic arrangements (electrons occupying sub shells of different ml and ms) that would lead to spectroscopic terms 6H, 5I and 8S, and identify one element each that have these terms as (see attached) the lowest energy spectroscopic terms.

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    I doubt it is first year spectroscopy problem. It is a much higher level of spectroscopy. Anyhow looking into your background I will try to explain your question in as simple manner as possible so that you may not get confused.

    Magnetic quantum number ml designates the orientation of electronic orbitals. So if we have five d electrons ,one each in five d orbitals we will have l values as -2,-1,0,+1,+2 and a total L value equal to (-2)+(-1)+(0)+(+1)+(+2) = 0. Acording to ...

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    363 words explaining the concepts behind electronic arrangements and the spectroscopic terms they lead to.