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    Stratifiction (Layers) in a Body of Water

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    Draw a diagram showing the stratification in a body of water. Label the different layers and describe the type of chemistry (and species) that occurs at each level.

    I do not know how to draw the diagram and what layers to include?

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    I've attached a file for you depicting and describing two examples of water stratification (in a lake and in the ocean).

    The ocean absorbs atmospheric carbon dioxide into the mixed layer, a thin layer of water at the surface that is at nearly constant temperature, salinity, and dissolved gases. Turbulence, created by the wind maintains the mixed layer by agitating the water at, and just under the ocean's surface. Over a prolonged period, carbon dioxide slowly undergoes exchange with the deeper ocean at the base of the mixed layer as well as in ...

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    This solution provides a tutorial on Ocean and lake water stratification. It includes a written explanation of the chemical reactions at each level of the strata and two diagrams visually depicting water stratification.