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    Imported Petroleum

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    Petroleum consumption in the US in 1990 supplied about 34.6E15 kJ of energy. Of this quantity, about 14.3E15 kJ was supplied by foreign sources. The transportation sector is the major user of petroleum, accounting for 23.2E15 kJ of consumption. Overall automobile fuel economy in the US was about 21 miles per gallon in 1990. Automobile efficiencies in Europe and Japan were about 27 mpg. If the US had averaged 27 mpg in 1990, how much less petroleum (expressed as kJ) would have been imported?

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    How much did the US average .....21 miles per gallon

    How much is proposed for the average .....27 mpg what is the percent difference in this value?

    (27-21)/21 x 100 = 28.57142857 %

    How much less energy would have been consumed by this sector of the usage spectrum

    The amount consumed by transportation is 23.2 x 10 ^15 KJ

    Multiply this by 21/27 to get the ...

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