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Gas problems in chemistry

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11. In the welding shop of the XYZ Manufacturing plant you have a cylinder with a volume of 548L of a compressed gas, and the pressure gauge shows 238 psig at the room temperature 25 C. A welder was instructed to go outdoors to weld, and the temperature in Texas at this time was 1300F. A welder had opened a valve to release gas at atmospheric pressure (P2= 760mmHg). Find Volume of a released gas at new conditions.

12. A gas originally occupies 20L at 24.7 psia and 5 C. What would the pressure be if the volume changed to 4.77ft3 and the temperature was 82 F? Give the answer in atmospheres.

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11) V1 = 548L, P1 = 16.2 atm, T1 = 298K, T2 = 977K (1300 F), P2 = 1 atm. Use P1V1/ ...

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Environmental problems using gas equations are solved

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A 3.00 L flask initially contains 1.50 mol of gas A and 0.450 mol of gas B. Gas A decomposes according to:
3A <-> 2B + C
DeltaH = +90kJ mol^-1
The equilibrium concentration of gas C is 0.100 mol/L.

What is the equilibrium concentration of gas A?
What is the equilibrium concentration of gas B?
What is the equilibrium constant K?
If the temperature of the flask was increased, what would happen to the equilibrium concentration of gas A?
What is the H+ in a solution that has a pH of 2.3? Report your answer to 2 significant figures.
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