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Gas problems in chemistry

Please show all work and steps to following:

11. In the welding shop of the XYZ Manufacturing plant you have a cylinder with a volume of 548L of a compressed gas, and the pressure gauge shows 238 psig at the room temperature 25 C. A welder was instructed to go outdoors to weld, and the temperature in Texas at this time was 1300F. A welder had opened a valve to release gas at atmospheric pressure (P2= 760mmHg). Find Volume of a released gas at new conditions.

12. A gas originally occupies 20L at 24.7 psia and 5 C. What would the pressure be if the volume changed to 4.77ft3 and the temperature was 82 F? Give the answer in atmospheres.

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11) V1 = 548L, P1 = 16.2 atm, T1 = 298K, T2 = 977K (1300 F), P2 = 1 atm. Use P1V1/ ...

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