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Describe the nature and characteristics of PCB's.

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Describe the nature and characteristics of PCB's. Why are they of importance to an EH&S or FS professional who encounters them when coming upon an incident scene where they are present? What precautions, or actions, should the EH&S or FS professional take when faced with this situation? What happens to FS personnel and their turnout gear once they are exposed/splashed with PCB's?

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This solution discusses poly-chlorinated biphenyl compounds, commonly known as PCB's, in 442 words.

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Poly-chlorinated biphenyl compounds, commonly known as PCBs, comprise a catagory of over 200 organochlorides which are comprised of two benzene rings connected by a single carbon carbon double bond; these compounds also usually contain 2 to 10 chlorine atoms attached to phenyl rings. The compounds are classified as persistent organic pollutants and their use has been banned in the US since 1979. They were used for many years in various industrial and electrical applications, including as coolants, but toxic effects were observed in wildlife which lead to growing public disapproval of the use of these chemicals and they have since been include in the Stockholm 2001 Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants. ...

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