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Mineral Characteristics

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Directions: Complete the following questions using a reputable online source.

1. Define the term mineral. There are 5 properties of a mineral, list and define each one of them in your own words.

2. Minerals are identified by their physical characteristics. List and describe 6 of them below:

a. Click here to enter text.

b. Click here to enter text.

c. Click here to enter text.

d. Click here to enter text.

e. Click here to enter text.

f. Click here to enter text.

3. How do we determine hardness of a mineral?

4. Give the hardness value of the following things:
a. Your fingernail Click here to enter hardness.
b. A copper penny Click here to enter hardness.
c. A piece of glass Click here to enter hardness.
d. The mineral Talc Click here to enter hardness.
e. The mineral Calcite Click here to enter hardness.
f. The mineral Quartz Click here to enter hardness.
g. The mineral Diamond Click here to enter hardness.

5. What is the difference between cleavage and fracture?

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Solution Summary

This document discusses different types of minerals, their characteristics, and how to determine their hardness. Finally, cleavage and fracture are explained.

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1. A naturally occurring, non-biogenic crystalline solid posessing a definite chemical composition or range thereof. A mineral possesses:
Naturally occurring: Must have been found to have come about naturally, without human involvement, at least once.
Non-biogenic: Must be able to be formed through geological processes; crystals that are only ever produced by living ...

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