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    Calculating the average number of air molecules at a specific altitude and atmospheric temperature.

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    At an altitude of 55.00 km, the average atmospheric temperature is essentially 0 degrees C. What is the average number of air molecules per cubic centimeter of air at this altitude?

    Hint: Solve the equation for the pressure as a function of height and temperature and from this use the ideal gas equation to calculate the volume of air.

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    Start with this equation P=Poe ^ (-Mgx/kT)

    P is the pressure at height x
    Po is the pressure at sea level
    x is the altitude in cm
    M is the average molecular mass
    g = 980 cm/sec^2 = the ...

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    This solution uses the equation P=Poe ^ (-Mgx/kT) to find pressure. It then uses this pressure to determine the number of moles of "air molecules" in one cubic cm.