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    heat required to melt an ice cube

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    How many kilojoules of heat are required to melt an ice cube having the dimensions 3.8 cm x 2.8 cm x 2.1 cm? The density of ice is 0.92 g/cm^3 (cubed). Refer to table:
    SUBSTANCE MELTING POINT,degrees Celsius Change in Heat of Fusion kJ/mol
    Mercury -38.9 2.30
    Ethanol -114 5.01
    Water 0.0 6.01
    Benzene 5.5 9.87
    Silver 960.2 11.95
    Iron 1537 15.19

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    The amount of energy needed to melt ice is proportional to the latent heat of fusion.
    E = mass * laten heat of fusion.

    Here the melting process is to melt ...

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