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    Enthalpy and Entropy

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    1. In the rusting of iron delta H= -376.44 kcal/mol K; delta S = -0.1708 dcal/mol K and delta G = 329.8 dcal/mol. Is it driven by enthalpy or entropy? Please explain.

    2. Entropy is a measure of the amount of "disorder" in a system. Increase in disorder means high entropy,while increase in order means low entropy. If you were given a colored solution and any other resource of your choice and you are told to demonstrate entropy and disorder in a classroom full of kids (which demonstrates entropy and enthalpy) how would you do this?

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    1. The best way to analyze this problem is to look at the thermodynamic equation:

    Delta(G) = Delta(H) - T*Delta(S)

    In the problem Delta(H) is negative, Delta(S) is negative and Delta(G) is positive. Delta(G) is the called the Gibbs Free Energy and this is what is used to ...

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    This response discusses the concept of enthalpy and entropy, and demonstrates how each of these terms are used in different scenarios.