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Calculating Delta G

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I am trying to understand how to balance this equation.
We were given the following data to solve for delta G (standard).

S(s) + 3/2 O2(g)--------->SO3(g) delta G standard = -371kJ
2SO2(g)+ O2(g)--------->2SO3(g) delta G standard = -142kJ

Now calculate delta G standard for the reaction.

delta G standard = delta H standard - T delta S standard

Please explain in detail how to balance these two equations together and add them. I do not understand where they are getting the 1/2 (142 kJ0), and why on the second number we have no coefficient on -371 kJ then we end up with 71kJ - 371 kJ = -300? Could you please explain?

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What you want to do is to use these two equations to get a new equation:

S(s) + O2(g) -----> SO2(g)

So you need to get rid ...

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