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How Many Elements Occur Naturally?

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" How many elements occur in nature?"

Explanation and reasoning for the correct answer are given in very simple and concise way to make the student understand.

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Science is changing every day. What was true 100 years ago may not be so today. Scientific researches and continuous innovation give us new insights every day. These comments fit very well when we try to answer the question "How many elements are present in nature or how many elements occur naturally". Nature is anything between earth and sky including oceans etc . Environmental scientists have proved that those elements that were sometimes called MAN-MADE do show up in nature.

At present periodic table shows 118 elements. Starting at hydrogen with atomic number 1, periodic table ends at atomic number 118 with Uuo. In 1997 scientists at Lawrence Berkeley ...

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The solution uses 433 words on how many elements are naturally occurring and how to differentiate between synthetic and natural elements, clearing up all confusion in this area.

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