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Chemical elements

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Give the chemical symbol and number of protons, neutrons, and electrons for:
a) lead with atomic mass of 206
b) hydrogen with atomic mass of 2
c) zinc with atomic mass of 65

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Properties of your chosen element

you are going to investigate an element of your choice. Once you have chosen and researched your element, you will create a presentation using powerpoint or Word document . Your presentation should include the following information:
• the element's name and the origin of its name
• the element's symbol, atomic number, and atomic mass
• the group/section where the element is found on the periodic table
• the element's electron configuration and number of valence electrons.
• At least eight other researched physical and chemical properties of the element should be mentioned. These properties may include but are not limited to:
o color
o texture
o ability to conduct electricity
o density
o state at room temperature
o common compounds it forms
o luster
o malleability
o ductility
o boiling point
o melting point
o potential hazards of the elements and/or its compounds
• when the element was discovered and/or created, if this information is known
• common historical and/or modern uses for this element
• citations of the resources (web sites, books, encyclopedias, etc.) that you used for your research

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