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Solving for Activation Energy

Question: Activation Energy. Use the data below to answer the following questions about a chemical reaction.
A. What is the activation energy for the chemical reaction?
B. What is the value of the rate constant at 430.0 K?

Temperature (Degrees°C) k (1/s)
189.7 2.52 x 10-5
198.9 5.25 x 10-5
230.3 6.30 x 10-4
251.2 3.16 x 10-3

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Use the following equation:

log(k2/k1) = (Ea/2.303*R)*(1/T1 - 1/T2)

A) Pick two temperatures and the rates to ...

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This solution provides an explanation for how to approach these types of chemistry-based problems. The equation needed for solving and the steps one needs to take in order to solve, are provided. This solution is about 80 words in length.