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    Formula of Compound given combustion reaction, dumas method

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    A compound contains only C, H, and N. A chemist analyzes it by doing the following experiments.

    (a) Complete combustion of 35.0 mg of the compound produced 33.5 mg CO2 and 41.1 mg H2O.
    (b) A 65.2 mg sample of the compound was analyzed for nitrogen by the Dumas method, giving 35.6 mL of dry N2 at 740. torr and 25°C.
    (c) The effusion rate of the compound as a gas was measured and found to be 24.6 mL/min. The effusion rate of argon gas, under identical conditions, is 26.4 mL/min.

    What is the formula of the compound?

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    A. Determine the % of C (from combustion analysis)
    33.5 mg CO2 X (12 mg C/44 mg CO2) = 9.14 mg C
    % C = (9.14 mg / 35 mg compound) X 100= 26.11 % C
    B. Determine the % of H (from combustion analysis)
    41.1 mg H2O X (2 mg H/18 mg H2O) = 4.57 mg H
    % H = (4.57 mg/35 mg compound) X 100 = 13.06 % H
    C. Determine % N from ...

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