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    Solubility Ksp Calculations

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    How do you complete a solubility Ksp problem?

    What is the solubility of aluminum hydroxide in water at 25 degrees Celsius if the Ksp is 3 x 10^-34? What is the concentration of Hydroxide at equilibrium?

    What is the concentration of a sulfide ion in a 1L solution of cuprous sulfide to which .03mol of cuprous nitrate has been added? The Ksp of cuprous sulfide is 8 x 10^-37

    Please post all steps. Thanks!

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    Thanks for the good questions.

    First you need to write and balance the precipitate dissociation reaction.

    Aluminum Hydroxide - my first question is, what is the compound formula?
    If I do not know there are a number of routes to the answer. One is an internet search and the formula is Al(OH)3

    So we have Al(OH)3-----------> Al(III) + 3OH(-)

    Ksp = [Al(III)][OH]^3 where the brackets signify concentration

    Now the Ksp on order of 10^(-34) means this barely dissociates in water at 25C.

    If we start with 1 mole of aluminum hydroxide in 1 Liter water or 1M, we see ...

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