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Mass of a Molecule

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50.0 g of N2O4 is introduced into an evacuated 2.00 Litre vessel and allowed to come to equilibrium with its decomposition product, N2O4(g) = 2 NO2(g). For this reaction Kc=0.133. Once the system has reached equilibrium, 5.00 g of NO2 additional is injected in to the vessel, and the system is allowed to equilibrate once again. Calculate the mass of NO2 in the final equilibrium mixture.

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First I convert grams of N2O4 to moles... ALWAYS do that!

Moles N2O4 = 50.0 g/92.01 g/mol = 0.543 mol

Initial concentration of N2O4 = 0.543 mol/2.00 L = 0.272 M

And grams of NO2 to ...

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